• Kevin Nourse, PhD, PCC

Building Resiliency: Enhancing Self-Care

As coaches, a big part of our role is helping our clients resiliently navigate tough times and thrive despite setbacks. Through interviews with coaches that worked with women facing career derailment in 2015, my colleague Lynn Schmidt and I discovered six primary factors that are critical to helping people maintain their resiliency. One of these is self-care including diet, exercise, and sleep.

Some of my coaching clients are naturally resistant to addressing self-care because they see it as a irrelevant to their day-to-day effectiveness in their jobs. This is part of a larger disturbing issue in the USA where most people do not get enough exercise. However, an increasing number of studies are being conducted and communicated in the popular press that provides empirical evidence of the potential positive impacts of self-care. This information is valuable for educating our clients about ways they can improve their effectiveness and resiliency.

Two popular magazines recently cited studies about the impact of exercise:

  • Time magazine (September 12, 2006, p. 54-60) noted the following benefits of exercise including the release of hormones that reduce pain and improve mood, slowing the aging process and helping wounds on the skin heal faster, and reducing fatigue.

  • Money magazine (June 22, 2016) examined the impact of exercise on our financial lives and found that maintaining a routine of exercise translates to increased salary for men (7% more) and women (12% more), based on research performed at Cleveland State University. They also noted that people who do not exercise regularly are 20-34% more likely to burn their long-term sick leave.

The organizational realities for many of our clients entail rapid change, demanding expectations, and greater potential for derailment. By helping our clients sustain and enhance their resiliency, including self-care, we can ensure they are better able to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

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Dr. Kevin Nourse is an executive coach, facilitator, and adjunct faculty in the Georgetown University leadership coaching certificate program. Kevin splits his time between Palm Springs and Washington, DC. He recently published a book with Dr. Lynn Schmidt, Shift Into Thrive: Six Strategies to Help Women Unlock the Power of Resiliency (ISBN 978-0997564105), now available on Amazon.

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