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Productivity Wizard: Goal Setting & Tracking App

I am constantly in search of the best goal setting and tracking app. Generally, I find that those apps that are good at helping you identify your goals are lousy at the process of executing toward your goals. The reverse is also true: apps that are good at action planning and tracking progress are typically pretty lousy at helping you identify the goal upfront. Productivity Wizard incorporates both into an intuitive, easy-to-use app that can be accessed on an iPhone, iPad, and through the web. It appears to draw upon frameworks from David Allen’s book Getting Things Done.

There are several features I really love:

1. Powerful questions

When setting up goals, the questions it asks are very consistent with the questions I ask my own coaching clients (e.g., “What’s the significance of achieving this goal?” or “What risks will you take pursing this goal?" These questions really help my clients galvanize their commitment to their goals.

2. Short-term goals

The ability to create short-term goals that map into the larger strategic goals. Chunking big goals into smaller parts is really important to sustain progress.

3. Daily routines

The app provides the ability to set up daily routines that will help advance key goals. This is so critical to advance ones’ dreams daily. The system enables the transfer of routines and action plans to your calendar.

4. Progress tracking

One of the reasons my clients often abandon their goals is the lack of progress. This app provides an easy way to to track these and has a point system for providing intermediate rewards on the journey to goal fulfillment.

A stripped down version of the app is available for free but for the more advanced features it runs $19 per month. Advance versions include access to a live coach to help you with goal setting and use of the app. The web version allows your to access your data but has a few bugs that trigger errors.

Productivity Wizard


Free starter version; Basic subscription is $19 per month.

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