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Leading Teams: Free Podcast

How can you create a high-functioning, healthy team that both achieves its task goals as well as providing a positive experience for team members?

Professor Mary Shapiro answers this question in a free podcast based on her book, HBR Guide to Leading Teams. Using an interview format, Shapiro shares her insights on designing a team, as well as what to do if a team is struggling with an

individual who is unable or unwilling to perform as a team member. She provides some particularly good insights on the value of creating two types of team goals: task-specific goals related to the output of the team, as well as process-oriented goals. Most teams only focus on task outcomes but neglect the importance of process goals such as the ability to learn from each other, reaching alignment on an issue, or goals associated with surfacing and resolving conflict. This free podcast is an ideal way for leaders to enhance their ability to lead teams in a format that can be easily accessible on the go.

Harvard Business Review Podcasts: Mary Shapiro

August 2015

Length: 21 minutes

Available at: https://hbr.org/ideacast/2015/08/building-healthy-teams.html

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