• Kevin Nourse, PhD

Headspace: Mindfulness App

Hundreds of scientific studies have concluded that mindfulness and associated practices pay big dividends to leaders who want to improve their effectiveness and focus. Of course, the big challenge is how to get into action and start building the skills needed to incorporate mindfulness practices in your daily life. Fortunately, meditation expert Andi Puddicombe developed this excellent app.

The app is very easy to use. When you begin using it, Andi walks you through a simple ten minute meditation. I find myself looking forward to his upbeat, British accent on a daily basis. The app also includes some educational animation videos to teach basic concepts association with how the mind operates.

Headspace is particularly well-suited for those of us who are novices at meditation and have not yet developed the self-discipline to do it on our own. I do it most mornings despite my instincts that I'm too busy getting the day going to meditate. As a result, I always feel better and more grounded. I've also been using many of the practices he offers at night when I am about to fall asleep and feeling stressed.



Free starter version; $7.99 per month (yearly subscription)

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