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Research Brief: Workplace HR Trends and Implications for Developing Leaders

Leadership development is an important part of the solution for helping organizations successfully respond to emerging workplace trends.

Based on a 2011 Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study, there are a number of trends impacting human resource issues in the workplace have significant implications for organizational leaders. Thus, these trends suggest a need for increased investments in leadership development, as well as adapting the focus of leadership development efforts.

Among the top workplace trends of greatest relevance to leadership development efforts are:

  • Increased global competition for jobs and talent as a result of increasingly innovative and dynamic non-US based organizations that are proving to be a substantial source of competition for qualified employees compared to US-based organizations

  • Numerous baby boomers who are leaving the market for retirement, resulting in substantial loss of knowlege and talent needed to guide organizations into the future

  • Sizeable number of baby boomers who are remaining in their roles because they cannot afford to retire, reducing the availability of career options for younger workers and potentially increasing turnover

  • The need for cross-cultural understanding and interaction skills given the increasingly global nature of most organizations

The study consisted of the views of 1,500 HR professionals was conducted in May 2010.

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