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Research Brief: ROI study comparing classroom, online and blended learning

A training supplier case study/evaluative research study that examined the impact of three training

modalities on learners at American Express: (1) web-based only, (2) classroom-based, and (3) blended delivery. The study results suggest that blended learning was the most effective with an ROI of 1599%, followed by classroom-based (972%), and online (923%).

Of particular note in this white paper is the addition of a sixth level of measurement: transfer climate. Beyond the return-on-investment of the leadership development interventions, this sixth level rightly evaluates the factors in the work environment will help or block the transfer of learning to workplace performance. Three transfer climate factors associated with high improvement participants were identified: (1) participants had conversations with their boss on how to apply their newly developed skills, (2) the boss supported the training, and (3) the expectations of participants that they will be rewarded for participating in the program.

The study is available online at:


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