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In Print: Resilient Leadership for Turbulent Times

Resilient Leadership for Turbulent Times

Rowman & Littlefield: 2009

By Jerry L. Patternson, George A. Goens and Diane E. Reed

Researchers Patternson, Goens, and Reed have written a well-supported, accessible volume that will help leaders increase their capacity to bounce back and thrive in challenging times. The authors distinguish between resilience (bouncing back after a major challenge) and thriving (growth as a result of adversity).

The book is organized based on a 73-factor leadership resilience assessment tool they have developed.

The three key skills they identify as being critical for leaders include:

  • Resilient thinking including one's ability to make sense of reality and view future possibilities,

  • Resilience capacity building through gaining clarity on personal values, building personal efficacy, increasing well-being and building social support

  • Resilience action skills including acting with courage on insights gained, perseverance, courage and personal responsibility.

By better defining the source, type and timing of social support that helps leaders thrive in crisis, the researchers could enhance the impact of the book. They also neglect important research on the role that positive emotions play in helping people maintain their resilience.

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