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In Print: Human Resource Champions

Human Resource Champions

Boston, Harvard Business School Press, 1997

by Dave Ulrich

Based on his past work as an HR executive and client work, Ulrich sets the stage for helping HR

professionals move to a more strategic level by adding greater value to their organizations.

First, he paints a picture of the larger contextual challenges facing organizations today, particularly competition and the need to innovate. He then identifies four key roles that HR professionals should play: (1) strategic partner, (2)

administrative expert, (3) employee champion, and (4) change agent. Insightfully, he also includes a chapter about strategies for structuring the HR function itself - recognizing that HR professionals are so attuned to others needs that they may neglect their own needs.

Despite this book being published over 15 years ago, it is still highly relevant and readable, filled with specific examples from some of the most successful global organizations.

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