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Research Brief: Executive coaching produces a 689% ROI

This is a well-written article that describes a ROI study of an executive coaching program Virgina-based Booz Allen in which coaching generated a 689% return on investment. Coachees were surveyed, as well as their direct reports managers who estimated the value produced. Three primary impacts of participation in

the coaching program were identified: (1) improved team work, (2) team member satisfaction, and (3) increased retention, productivity and quality. The researcher identify very specific data in the article associated with the cost and value created for the organization. In addition, under the guidance of a well-known evaluative research consultant (MetrixGlobal), the study used very conservative methods for estimating the value created for the organization.


Parker-Williams, V. (2006). Business impact of executive coaching: Demonstrating monetary value. Industrial and Commercial Training, 38(3), 122-127.

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