Organization Development

Organization development is a useful strategy for enabling organizations to achieve their objectives by improving the functioning of teams as well as creating a culture that enables people to do their very best work. We offer three services related to organization development including teambuilding, team coaching, and employee involvement programs.




Many organizations embrace teams into their culture as a means of improving innovation and collaboration. However, a substantial percentage of teams never fulfill their potential because of ineffective dynamics.


We offer team assessment and teambuilding services to improve the performance of teams. In order to pinpoint a team’s strengths and weaknesses, we first collect data from your team members and other stakeholders. These insights then help us work to design a program to focus on improving overall functioning. Typical areas needing improvement in management teams include:

  • Designing clear decision-making processes

  • Developing norms and strategies to address conflict

  • Building goal clarity and accountability

  • Increasing trust and transparency


Team building sessions and retreats range from a half-day to two-day formats.

There are times I feel like we have made significant progress - as a team that has really only been together for 6 months we have had very real conversations and been vulnerable with one another.


-- Team Coaching Participant

We have made progress and learned a lot about each other and our different ways of seeing issues. We have learned to communicate with less chance of triggering an emotional response. We are going through some dramatic changes and have a better foundation now to deal with future events as they unfold.


-- Team Coaching Participant

Team Coaching


A teambuilding session is often sufficient to improve performance of many teams. However, for those teams with substantial challenges, a longer-term solution is ideal to eliminate entrenched patterns that block a team from producing results.


We offer team coaching services to improve the performance of teams and increase the capacity of team members to self-manage their dynamics. Team coaching is a strategy for helping improve how a team functions by building the necessary awareness and skills among members. Unlike team building sessions, typical team coaching engagements last 3-6 months, depending on the nature of your team’s challenges. Most team coaching engagements include one or two coaching sessions per month.


During a team coaching session, your team coach will observe the interactions between participants and periodically intervene to surface issues or raise awareness of a pattern that might be limiting the team's effectiveness. The emphasis is on building skill among your team members to manage your team dynamics and ensure you achieve your team goals.


Click here for a case study that illustrates how we coached a leadership team.

Employee Survey Action Planning


While many organizations conduct annual employee satisfaction surveys, a surprising number do nothing with the data. As a result, staff become more cynical and resistant to future survey efforts.


We will work with you to explore the feedback and drive action to improve the organizational climate. We do this by designing employee groups that take ownership of exploring the data and formulating solutions to pressing organizational issues. By involving your employees in understanding this data and formulating solutions, they are more likely to support organizational changes that result. Further, this approach also helps enhance employee engagement and build leadership skills.



Recent Engagements

  • Healthcare Organization: Performed a team assessment, retreat facilitation, and follow-up team coaching for a leadership team with 15 people.


  • Federal Agency: Coached with a management team to improve their focus and alignment as part of a larger strategic change initiative; assessed team effectiveness and focused on improving meeting effectiveness.


  • Community Development Financial Institution: Conducted a six-month teambuilding and team coaching engagement with a management team.


  • Association: Designed and facilitated an employee survey action planning project.


  • Community Development Financial Institution: Coached a senior executive team to improve their ability to make decisions and surface conflict.

Current and Former Client Organizations


  • American Association of Port Authorities

  • American Society for Engineering Education

  • Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

  • AstraZeneca

  • Capital Impact Partners

  • Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

  • Federal Financial Regulatory Agency

  • National Cooperative Bank

  • Port of Los Angeles

  • Sodexo

  • US Food & Drug Administration

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