Leadership Development

We offer custom-developed and off-the-shelf leadership development programs for new supervisors, middle managers, and senior leaders. Our training programs are created using sound instructional design principles that focus on translating learning experiences into on-the-job performance. Further, our trainers bring significant real-world experience as former organizational leaders as well as executive coaches working one-on-one with leaders.


We offer four kinds of leadership development services including training needs assessments, custom program development and delivery, off-the-shelf program delivery, and mentoring program design.


For associations interested in developing volunteer leaders, click here to learn more.


Needs Assessment


The most impactful leadership development programs reflect the unique culture of an organization and the performance needs of managers. It is critical to assess organizational needs and specific challenges as a first step to implementing a leadership development program.


We will partner with you to assess the needs of your managers and leaders for skill development using a variety of tools and practices. We use three ways to assess your training issues: (1) interviews with key stakeholders and peak performers, (2) focus groups with both managers and the people they manage, and (3) electronic surveys of impacted stakeholders. With this information, we can pinpoint specific training needs and potential strategies for addressing skill gaps in your managers. We then partner with you to help determine a suitable program design, as well as helping you position this design to critical organizational decision makers to build support and alignment.


For me, the emotional intelligence assessment results before and after the training was most insightful. I had set some personal goals at the initial training last July to improve my empathy with coworkers. At the post test, it had gone up which is a measurement, in my opinion, of the impact the training had within me.


— Leadership Program Participant

Because of the leadership program, I was able to recognize and utilize specific skills necessary to motivate myself and others to successfully implement and manage a targeted project and task.


— Leadership Program Participant

The structure around having a mentor relationship was very helpful. I found that asking the mentee to come up

with an agenda was very helpful.


-- Mentor Participant

The webinar provided standards and a framework of how to be successful with program & how to get the most out of it. Without this webinar I don't think I would have occurred to me to put guidelines in place for my mentor and I. Using the guidelines we set made things very clear for us.


-- Mentee Participant

Custom Program Development and Delivery


The most effective leadership programs include training materials and delivery methods that reflect the unique culture of an organization, focus on performance challenges faced by participants, and integrate current research on how adults learn. However, a well-designed training program with inexperienced trainers can diminish its impact. For this reason, it is crucial to use trainers to delivery programs who have real-world experience as managers and can create a safe environment for learning to occur.


Our team will work with you to develop a leadership development program that results in higher levels of performance for your current and future leaders. Based on a needs assessment, we will first identify an overall curriculum map broken down by modules. We then develop specific objectives and designs for each module. With this information, we can then create program materials, leveraging our existing library of training materials to accelerate the development process and reduce the cost of program development. Finally, we typically conduct pilot programs to ensure the final program achieves its objectives. Any of our custom development programs can be delivered in-person or through Adobe webinar technology.

Off-the-Shelf Program Delivery

Some organizations do not have the resources or time to invest in a custom leadership development program. In these cases, off-the-shelf training programs that are well designed can be a great alternative.


We offer a number of off-the-shelf leadership training programs for your organization and delivered to your participants through in-person sessions or through webinar using Adobe technology:


  • Communication

  • Conflict management

  • Emotional intelligence

  • Influence

  • Leading change

  • Leadership resilience

  • Negotiation

  • Performance coaching

  • Risk taking

  • Strategic thinking


We can adapt any of these programs for your unique organizational needs and deliver them using either in-person or webinar technology. Our instructional designers created some of these programs while others are licensed through our affiliation with training supplier Barnes & Conti LLC.

Mentoring Program Design

Leading organizations have long recognized the power of mentoring programs to augment their leadership development efforts to create highly effective future leaders. However, not all mentor programs are alike. The best mentoring programs provide a structured experience for both mentors and mentees while allowing flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each mentee. Further, well-designed mentoring programs include orientation training for both mentor and mentee about their role, outcomes, and overall process.


Our team will work with you and your organization to create a high-impact mentoring program for your members or leaders. First, we will conduct an abbreviated needs assessment to surface the needs of potential participants, as well as define success criteria and critical linkages between mentoring and other development programs. Next, we will create a mentor program design that leverages our experience and addresses your needs. Finally, we can provide training and facilitation support to help orient for your mentors and mentees to their role.


Click here for a case study that illustrates how we worked with an association client to design and implement a mentoring program. 

Recent Engagements
  • The Nature Conservancy: Facilitated a two-day course on negotiation entitled Constructive Negotiation for a high-potentials leadership development program.


  • American Psychological Association; Design and delivered a custom one-day program on coaching skills for association supervisors and managers.


  • Child Life Council: Designed a mentoring program for association members that included an orientation webinar for participating mentors and mentees.


  • Healthcare Organization: Delivered a series of six two-day leadership programs on influence to middle managers, including nurse managers.

Current and Former Client Organizations

  • Abbott Pharmaceuticals

  • America Online

  • American Psychological Association

  • American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • California Speech-Language-Hearing Association

  • Child Life Council​

  • Desert Regional Medical Center

  • Eli Lilly

  • Hi-Desert Medical Center

  • Kaiser Permanente

  • Nature Conservancy

  • Network Appliances

  • Port of Los Angeles

  • Texas Instruments


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