Goal Setting and Self-Control: New Insights

Setting a goal is easy. Achieving a goal is tough. Recent research has underscored the importance of identifying the importance of anticipating potential obstacles and ways to resolve those challenges, as well as the power of smartphones for reminding people of their commitments. One important aspect of this process is sustaining commitment to actions that will advance your objectives despite a multitude of distractions that might take you off course. Self-control is the magic ingredient. There are two components of self-control to consider: Identification of conflicts and temptations that could potentially interfere with your commitment to achieving a goal. Resolution of a conflict by ident

Achieving Your New Year's Goals: New Insights

January is the time of year where many of us proclaim our resolutions to save more money, lose weight, or better manage their career. However, for some these plans go awry within a couple of months because they don't consider important factors that influence outcomes from a goal-setting ritual. In this article, I will explore three critical perspectives in the process of attaining your goals based on recent psychological research: setting powerful goals, establishing habits to achieve the goal, and building self-discipline to sustain your commitment to your goals. Setting Goals: Write It Down! Let’s start with goal setting. Conventional wisdom has long argued that writing down ones’ goals is

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