Icon of Intentional Resiliency: Gabby Giffords

While writing the book Intentional Resiliency with my colleague Lynn Schmidt, I've become so much more aware of powerful examples of people in the world who are thriving despite experiencing great adversity. I recently came across an amazing example on Ted Talks: Congresswomen Gabby Giffords. A key premise of our book is that when faced with career adversity, people can make a choice to do more than merely survive or bounce back from tough times; they can be transformed and thrive. This idea is clearly evident in the Ted Talks interview with Giffords: Interviewer: Gabby, has your recovery been an effort to create a new Gabby Giffords or reclaim the old Gabby Giffords? Gabby Giffords: The new

Leadership Mentoring for Associations: Study Findings

Mentoring is a powerful way to help professionals in any field develop. For that reason, most associations have established formal mentoring programs as a valued member service. However, relatively few have created mentoring programs explicitly focused on developing leaders. Given the continual need for associations to be intentional about creating a pipeline of talent to step into volunteer leadership roles, leadership mentoring programs can be part of the solution. For associations considering establishing these programs, one of the best ways to determine how to design the program is by tapping the wisdom and experience of other associations. To this end, I recently conducted a study on th

Intentional Resiliency: Thriving in job loss and transition

Viktor Frankl, a psychologist and writer who survived as a prisoner during the Holocaust, observed how the ability to make meaning from challenges people face is a key ingredient to growth. He also concluded that regardless of the ​ ​painful circumstances we face, nobody can take away our ability to choose our attitude toward the adversity. When people choose to grow from tough times such as job loss, they are more likely to thrive in the face of adversity. In this article, I present the Intentional Resiliency framework and supporting strategies developed in partnership with my colleague Dr. Lynn Schmidt. The Challenge of Losing a Job Fifteen years ago, I started my coaching practice working

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